Carbon neutral

Carbon neutral offshore access

We have reached a great milestone by becoming a carbon neutral company. However, we don't consider offsetting our GHG emissions to be a permanent solution to global warming. We are committed to going beyond net zero and making our business carbon free.

Electrify where possible

In order to eliminate GHG emissions from our operations, we are developing electric actuated systems. The latest iteration of our A-type consists of a new hexapod design that is fully electric. For our current non-electric systems in our fleet, we use electric HPUs whenever possible. Battery packs for extra power supply enable us to make use of more electric systems whenever vessels that lack the power capacity.

Increase efficiencies

The technological advancements we are working on within Ampelmann can contribute in multiple ways to becoming carbon free. Aside from going electric, our innovations are becoming more and more efficient. The hexapod of the electric A-type for example can regenerate and store energy from the vessel's motions.

Another way of improving the energy efficiency of our systems is by reducing their weight. A lighter system requires less power to operate. One way we reduce the weight of our systems is by using composite materials.

Reduce the green premium

We see promising new innovations to solve our climate issues every day on the news, but many turn out not to be commercially successful. We understand that in the current market, costs are still an important driver, and it is our highest priority to make our sustainable technologies worth the investment.

Vessel decarbonisation

Our electric systems don’t emit any direct CO2 emissions, but if power from the vessel comes from diesel generators, we indirectly still burn diesel for our operations. Luckily, the offshore vessel market is changing fast by improving the efficiency of their drivetrains, capturing or scrubbing emissions, and by the development of alternative fuels. We are keenly following the developments in the market and are looking forward to seeing our systems on the first emission-free vessel.

Carbon offset projects

Even with our continued commitment, carbon-free operations are still a long way away. Therefore, we will continue to compensate for the remainder of our emissions that are directly or indirectly emitted through our operations or within our value chain with carbon offset projects. See our certificates for more information.

2019 VCS Renewable Energy credits issued by Climate Neutral Group

2020 VCS REDD+ Southern Cardamom Cambodia credits issued by Climate Neutral Group

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