Combined cargo and personnel transfer, even in high sea states

Ampelmann’s systems facilitate the transfer of both personnel and cargo offshore. Our solutions enable the fully motion compensated lifting of various loads – whether small or large, with the E5000, the latest edition to our fleet, able to lift up to five tonnes.

Once offshore and operating, our systems can switch from gangway to crane mode within a minute. Personnel and cargo are easily transferred, using one and the same system in an operation that can take place in various weather conditions, including high sea states. As a result, our systems increase the efficiency of offshore access operations.

Gangway to crane mode with a push of a button

Cargo solutions suited to every operation

Proven track record in cargo transfer

Cargo transfer with Ampelmann's systems

With our fleet of active motion compensated gangway systems, we can mobilise quickly and enable safe and reliable cargo transfer on a daily basis. The E1000 and E5000 enable the transfer of large cargo from a vessel to an offshore platform and back. They can switch between personnel and cargo transfer mode within a minute, and can lift up to one and five tonnes, respectively.

Ampelmann's signature A-type system can also transfer cargo up to 240kg with its A-hoist add-on.

Ampelmann's cargo solutions featured in OGV Magazine

Ampelmann's cargo transfer solutions were featured on the cover of OGV Magazine in January 2021. Learn more about the beginnings of our company and our continuous efforts to make compensated cargo lifting safer, easier and more efficient for our clients.

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