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Preferred choice of oil majors

Ampelmann provides customised solutions and services to enable safe and efficient marine crew change operations. With a proven track record, we operate by the highest standards in the industry, which makes us the preferred choice for IOCs worldwide, with BP, Shell and ExxonMobil being among them. The latest addition to our fleet of systems is the improved L-type, designed to suit the needs of fast and lightweight crew vessels. With it, clients can save on logistics expenses compared to traditional transfer methods by increasing the safety, efficiency and workability of their crew change operations.


Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to keep your operations running in the coming months? Ampelmann can help. We have vessels with a pre-mobilised Ampelmann A- or E-type W2W system readily available for Wind and Oil & Gas campaigns. The vessels have variable landing possibilities and capacity between 48 and 155 PAX.

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With our fleet of active motion compensated gangway systems, we can mobilise quickly and enable safe and reliable crew change operations on a daily basis. Our systems are suited to smaller, fast crew vessels and are able to transfer personnel in calm (L-type) as well as rougher waters (A-type and S-type).

A-type L-type S-type

An industry collaboration

  • S-type Damen 7011 render
  • Ampelmann and Damen join forces

    The combination of the Ampelmann S-type system and the Damen 7011 vessel is a solution for oil and gas (O&G) operators with multiple platforms and a high volume of crew changes, who want to reduce logistical costs and increase availability.

    Unlike helicopter transfers, this solution allows for more cost-effective crew changes.

"The main drivers in the crew change market are safety and efficiency. There is an increasing awareness among international oil companies that current operations can be significantly improved in these areas to ultimately increase productivity."


Ampelmann took part in the webinar "Technologies for optimising the movement of people and goods"

Diederick Nierstrasz, our Business Unit Manager Offshore Wind, explained all there is to know about crew change. The topic of his presentation: “Marine crew change solutions - transferring your most valuable assets”. Watch it all below.

Reference projects

  • Ampelmann L-type Crew Change 2018
  • Ampelmann L-type Brunei 2018
  • Ampelmann A-type Crew Change
  • Crew Change off the coast of Nigeria

    Ampelmann has been working with vessel owner L.A.T.C. Marine Limited, on behalf of ExxonMobil, for the supply of two L-type gangway systems to offshore Nigeria. The L-type is particularly suited to small crew change vessels and allows a continuous flow of up to 50 personnel every five minutes. Read more about it here.

  • Making personnel transfers in Brunei safer and more efficient

    Ampelmann has been operating in Brunei for several years now, making it easier, safer and more efficient for end client Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) to transfer their personnel to offshore platforms and back.

  • Operations support in offshore oil and gas exploration

    Our customer used to deploy helicopters for their Crew Change operations but this method was replaced by two fast crew vessels, fitted with Ampelmann A-type systems to service all their offshore platforms.The systems helped reduce operational expenses for this project by decreasing the need for helicopter transfers. See the project here.


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