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Ampelmann provides customised solutions to enable safe and efficient marine crew change operations. The latest additions to our fleet of gangway systems are the new S-type and L-type, specifically designed to suit the needs of fast and lightweight vessels typically used for crew changes operations. These solutions help you to save up to 30% on your logistics expenses in comparison to traditional methods, such as helicopters by increasing the safety, efficiency and workability of crew change operations. The L and S-type systems are specifically designed for the Crew Change market and perfectly integrate with the fast and lightweight vessels used for crew changes operations. These next generation Ampelmann solutions meet the specific needs of both small and larger fast crew vessels, close to shore and deep sea operations and various wave heights.


The proven safe offshore access solution

The proven A-type system is able to transfer people up to 3.0 m significant waveheight. It is the perfect solution for your offshore access challenges, including Walk to Work and Crew Change projects. The system is fully motion compensated in 6 degrees of freedom by the hydraulic hexapod, resulting in zero movement in the crane boom itself. The system has a proven track record with more than 100 projects worldwide.


The proven solution for offshore access on small crew vessels

The L-type is the safe and cost-efficient solution for crew transfer operations using smaller non-DP vessels, such like crew boats and
FSIV’s. It has a proven track record of 200,000 transfers, replacing swing-ropes, bump and jump, basket, and helicopter operations. The
system is able to transfer personnel up to 2.0 m significant wave height. Improve the safety of your operation and reduce waiting on


Providing continuous access from high speed vessels

The S-type is the solutions for replacing helicopters and safe up to 50% costs and enhancing the safety of your operations. It is the most
reliable and efficient solution to provide safe offshore access from Fast Crew Vessels onto fixed or floating platforms. It is a lightweight system with an extreme low energy consumption.

"The main drivers in the crew change market are safety and efficiency. There is an increasing awareness within international oil companies that current operations can be significantly improved on in these areas and de-risk their logistics operation to ultimately increase productivity."

Reference projects

  • Ampelmann A-type
  • Ampelmann L-type
  • Replacing helicopters

    Our customer used to deploy helicopters for their Crew Change operations. This method was replaced by two fast 70m catamaran vessels, fitted with Ampelmann A-type systems, to service all their offshore platforms. Each day, approx. 200 PAX are transferred to these offshore sites with two daily trips. These vessels reach speeds of 30-40 knots and can be deployed in sea states of up to H = 3m, while also being called upon during calamities.

  • Excellent alternative for swing roping

    This customer used to transfer their crew from their 35m monohull vessels to their platforms with the swing roping method. They chose to implement multiple L-type solutions, which were integrated without requiring any vessel modifications. Since then, these systems have completed over 200,000 people transfers, transferring 50 PAX per day in H = 2m conditions.

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