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Ampelmann’s portfolio allows for safe people, cargo and utility transfers from vessels to offshore structures, and vice versa. We develop tailor-made motion compensated solutions to increase the safety, efficiency and workability of your decommissioning operations. Regardless of the decom challenge, we ensure full support and service across the entire lifecycle of a project.



With our fleet of fully motion compensated gangway systems, we can mobilise quickly and provide safe offshore access even in remote areas. Our systems are able to transfer personnel (A-, E-type and AEP), heavy loads (E1000) and hold cargo stable in rough waters (Atlas).

A-type AEP Atlas E-type E1000

Decommissioning projects

  • Decom campaign

    By installing the Ampelmann A-type on a pedestal, our client was able to reach landing locations at various heights and headings. See the project here.

  • Decom campaign II

    By installing our A-type on a pedestal, the client was able to ensure a safe escape route for its personnel in case of an emergency. See the project here.

  • Shutdown campaign

    Using the Ampelmann A-type during decommissioning, our client cut the duration of their shutdown campaign by 50%. See the project here.

Project director, Contractor Oil & Gas

"Decommissioning is a new industry. Every day we learn how it can be done better and smarter. The industry is taking its first steps."




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