Game-changing offshore access. Again.


A bit over a decade ago, Ampelmann brought innovation to offshore access and laid the foundation of a whole new market. We made it possible for offshore personnel to Walk to Work. In fact, we made it the industry standard to provide the highest level of safety, efficiency and reliability in transferring people and cargo at sea.

Today, it's not about standing by those standards, it's about raising them.

We tailor our solutions to the increasingly specific challenges of our clients, develop new ones to meet new demands and continuously improve the excellent service we're known for. We create long-term partnerships and do so with a strong sense of responsibility for the environment. We're pushing the boundaries of our own industry and...

... changing the game of offshore access. Again.

Quote - Jan van der Tempel, CEO Ampelmann

Expert interview

The W2W industry looks towards new opportunities and more collaboration

“Walk to Work (W2W) solutions are a norm in the Southern North Sea and a viable alternative to helicopters, which used to be the main means of transportation to offshore platforms,” says Haije Stigter, an expert on the subject of W2W.

“Ten years ago, W2W wasn’t the norm,” he says. “It was the exception.”

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Game-changing projects

  • Ampelmann E1300 Wind
  • Ampelmann A-type O&G Mexico 1
  • Tailoring solutions to the cargo needs of clients

    At Ampelmann, we make sure that we tailor our solutions to the exact needs of our clients. Lifting heavy cargo is becoming increasingly important in the offshore industry, so we worked together with our end client to create a solution that can do just that. As a result, our system lifted 1,300kg of cargo to a wind turbine in the North Sea.

  • E1000 performs first cargo lifts in O&G

    Ampelmann recently completed its latest project in the North Sea, creating yet again a number of milestones for the company – working for Olympic Vessel Holdings, Ampelmann supported an Apache North Sea project and carried out its first cargo lifts in the Oil & Gas sector. Read more here.

  • Entering Mexico as a new W2W market

    Ampelmann is continuously looking to expand to new markets and introduce its reliable Walk to Work solutions and services. After securing its first contract in Mexico, the company added a new region to its global portfolio. An A-type system has been mobilised on a flotel and will operate for two months, enabling the installation of an oil and gas platform. Read more here.

The Ampelmann VR Experience

Every event we visit, we bring our very own VR Experience. Having embraced the benefits of VR technology, we are happy to offer a closer look at our motion compensated systems. A sneak peak is available in this article.

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