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Performing an offshore campaign on short notice does not have to be a challenge. Ampelmann can help maximise your operational availability and the safety of your offshore crew. A vessel-based campaign enables increased efficiency of operations compared to conventional offshore transfer methods, and ensures that your people and cargo are at the right place at the right time.

With our full motion compensation technology and proven Walk to Work (W2W) solutions, we 'unlock' the hidden lost tool-time, thus shortening the overall duration of projects and reducing costs. We have multiple pre-mobilised Ampelmann W2W systems readily available on vessels for Wind and Oil & Gas campaigns.

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South America

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to keep your operations running in the coming months? FPSO maintenance and turnarounds, crew transfers, hook-up and commissioning, shutdown and decommissioning? We can help. Ampelmann has a pre-mobilised E-type system readily available for your Oil & Gas campaigns in Brazil or Argentina.


  • Ampelmann E-type Brazil
  • HOS Brass Ring

    E-type system
    PAX: 48 available for the client
    Overall vessel length: 92.0m (302 ft)
    Current location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Prompt available in Brazil and Argentina


We have a pre-mobilised Ampelmann A-type or E-type W2W system readily available on three vessels in Europe for Wind and Oil & Gas campaigns. These vessels have variable landing possibilities and capacity between 75 and 100 PAX.

Available vessels in Europe

  • Vessel Skandi Constructor with Ampelmann A-type system
  • Vessel Olympic Delta with Ampelmann E-type system
  • Vessel Larissa with Ampelmann A-type system
  • Skandi Constructor

    A-type system
    PAX: 100
    Overall vessel length: 120m
    Current location: Norway, North Sea

  • Olympic Delta

    E-type system
    PAX: 80
    Overall vessel length: 92.6m
    Current location: GBR, North Sea
    Recent project in North Sea

  • Larissa

    A-type system
    PAX: 75
    Overall vessel length: 98.6m
    Current location: Norway, North Sea


We have a vessel with a W2W system readily available in West Africa. The Horizon Enabler with an Ampelmann W2W system is a multi-functional supply and support vessel enabling mobile, safe, and adaptable marine and offshore personnel care. The vessel can also be adapted for isolation and quarantine functions, health care and medical support, and offshore transportation.

Available vessel in Africa

  • Horizon Enabler Ampelmann A-type system
  • Horizon Enabler

    A-type system
    PAX: 155
    Overall vessel length: 96.3m
    Current location: Gibraltar
    Recent project in Nigeria

    Prompt available in West Africa (currently in Ghana)


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