Ampelmann and Vroon engaged in Walk to Work operations at Gemini Windfarm

July 06, 2017

Press release

Ampelmann has been awarded a contract by Vroon Offshore Services for a Walk to Work (W2W) campaign at the Gemini Windfarm. Ampelmann successfully mobilised an A-type gangway system on the Vos Prime, multirole platform supply vessel holding SPS notation for 52 persons on board and engaged in W2W operations at the offshore sub-stations since end June 2017. More than 400 people transfers have already taken place within the 1st week of the project.

The expertise of Vroon’s and Ampelmann’s engineering teams has resulted in the A-type being positioned on VOS Prime’s deck allowing the ‛weather-window’ performance (i.e. the maximum limit of the combined environmental forces such as wind and sea state, whereby passenger transfers can be safely performed) to be combined with a significant clear-deck space of about 550 square meters available for cargo carrying capacity.

Claudia Beumer, Business Development Manager Offshore Wind: “We are extremely pleased that Vroon has chosen Ampelmann as their partner for the Gemini project, which is expected to continue for most of the month of July. We look forward to further extending our strong business relationship with Vroon where we cooperate in W2W projects for both Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind Industry.”