Ampelmann announces the development of a new system able to transfer people and cargo up to 5 tons

November 06, 2019

Press release

Ampelmann, the Dutch offshore access provider, has announced that it has a new full motion compensation system in the pipeline. The E5000 is the latest development brought forward by the company, with the ability to transfer personnel as well as cargo up to 5,000kg in rough waters offshore. It is expected to be operational in Q3 2020.

The system is based on the proven technology of the E1000, which has been performing safe people and cargo transfers since its launch in 2016.

"Building on the success of the E1000 and the specific needs of our clients, we recognised an opportunity to design and develop a system that can transfer people and lift up to 5 tons of cargo. That significantly broadens the possibilities of the offshore lifting scope compared to existing systems," said Diederick Nierstrasz, Ampelmann’s Offshore Wind Business Unit Manager.

The E5000, with its full motion compensation, will be able to operate in high sea states, thus enabling safe offshore access and extending the weather window of operations. The switch between people and cargo mode takes less than a minute and just one push of a button. This plug-and-play system turns any vessel into an all-round offshore tool and as a result, clients benefit from shorter campaign durations, increased logistical efficiency and a broader scope of work, for instance lifting fully fuelled generators to wind turbines or support blade repair projects.

As with any other Ampelmann system, this one, too, will be complemented by the company’s full service package, including trained and certified operators, project preparation and execution, maintenance services and 24/7 support from the Operations Control Centre (OCC).

"With the E1000, we launched a unique system on the market,” Nierstrasz added. “As the market recognised its potential, clients requested more lifting capacity and we believe the E5000 can offer a compelling package for them to get the most out of their offshore campaigns."

Ampelmann will be exhibiting at WindEurope Offshore on 26-28 November. You can visit the company in Hall C, C3-C1 in the Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.