Ampelmann N-type gangway: start assembly phase Icemann project

December 20, 2016

Press release

This week Ampelmann has started the assembly phase of the Icemann project: the development of a new N-type motion compensated gangway system. This system is capable of dealing with extreme cold conditions (up to -28 degrees Celsius), vibrations and vessel motions, while maintaining a safe, efficient and reliable means of transfer. The N-type will be installed on one of Sakhalin Energy Investment Company’s new icebreaking stand-by vessels due for delivery in 2017.

Production of the components for the N-type started this summer and various components are being delivered to the Condor Fabrication Hall in Rotterdam in November-December to be assembled, installed and tested.

Oscar Calkoen, Project Director for the Icemann project: “The assembly phase is a critical phase for successful delivery of the project where the great efforts of engineering sub-contractors, suppliers and Ampelmann engineers come together. Delivery of the N-type is key for Ampelmann’s innovation strategy. The new technology required to winterize this system has been a joint effort with existing and new suppliers.”