Ampelmann passes 10,000 safe people transfers for MPN in Nigeria

June 19, 2019

Press release

Ampelmann has passed a new milestone: more than 10,000 safe personnel transfers for Mobil Production Nigeria (MPN), the local entity of ExxonMobil. The A-type system was installed on the Jascon-55 vessel, which is operated by West African Ventures and conducting maintenance work for MPN. The project started in January 2019.

“We have completed over 10,000 safe transfers in under six months and enabled significant increases in available working hours,” said David Inman, Ampelmann’s Manager Sales & Business Development for Africa. “The uptake in W2W as a primary means of access for both project and crew change operations is growing regionally, and especially so in Nigeria.”

Ampelmann currently operates three W2W solutions, contracted through L.A.T.C. Marine. “With three active systems and more to come, the future of getting to work is becoming as easy as crossing the street.”

The A-type is operating as part of a long-term contract that makes it possible for more than 100 people to be transferred each day on average. Ampelmann is looking forward to a continued collaboration with all parties involved.