Ampelmann passes 100,000 safe personnel transfers for CNR in Ivory Coast

December 20, 2018

Press release

Ampelmann has reached a new milestone: 100,000 safe personnel transfers for Canadian Natural Resources (CNR) in Ivory Coast. The company completed its first transfer for the client in January 2018 and is looking forward to continuing the collaboration.

An Ampelmann A-type was installed on the MMA Privilege vessel to perform long-term maintenance and revamping of an FPSO. The system enables the safe transfer of over 300 people per day on average, leading to an increase in operational efficiency.

"Congratulations to MMA Privilege on 100,000 safely completed personnel transfers! Last week, the MMA Privilege which is operating in Côte d'Ivoire as an accommodation and Walk to Work vessel successfully completed 100,000 personnel transfers with the Ampelmann A-type gangway."


With an unparalleled track record, Ampelmann has enabled the safe transfer of more than 4.7 million people and over 9.3 million kilogrammes of cargo worldwide.

The company’s solutions allow for safe and efficient transfers to take place in anything from calm to some of the roughest waters. Ampelmann adapts systems and services to the specific needs of its clients as well as to various regions and weather conditions.

“100,000 people transfers in one year – and counting – is a great achievement,” said David Inman, Ampelmann’s Manager Sales & Business Development for Africa. “We thank CNR for their trust and support in making the Oil & Gas industry safer and more efficient.”