Ampelmann welcomes the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy

March 20, 2018

Press release

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy Eric Wiebes visited Ampelmann. The Minister was welcomed by our CEO, Mr. Jan van der Tempel. He received a tour of our facilities and was offered a demonstration of the Ampelmann A-type motion compensated gangway system. 

His visit to two highly successful Dutch offshore multinationals - HSM and Ampelmann - took place as he announced the winning bid for the construction of the offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust.

Appropriate within the context of this new wind farm, Mr. Van den Tempel also showed Minister Wiebes the latest innovation by Ampelmann: the A400 gangway system, developed specifically for the offshore wind industry. It combines the proven motion compensation technology developed by Ampelmann, with a new and wider gangway that supports transfers of generic cargo trolleys and euro sized pallet trolleys.

​Contributing to the world’s first non-subsidized wind farm at sea
Dutch energy corporation NUON, part of the Swedish conglomerate Vattenfall, was awarded the contract to build this new wind farm. Remarkable about this wind farm, which is projected to be commissioned in 2022 and will be located 22 kilometers from the Dutch coast, is that it is the world´s first non-subsidized wind farm

Ampelmann takes pride in the fact that the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy specifically selected Ampelmann as a venue on this important day, and highly values his presence and compliments.