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Ampelmann will exhibit at ONS 2018, the global energy meeting place connecting international suppliers, operating companies and decision makers.

When27-30 August, at all times
WhereStavanger Forum, Norway
Booth5110-10, Hall 5, Dutch Pavilion
27-30 August, at all times

Ampelmann presentation at ONS Exhibitor Stage

The ONS Exhibitor’s Stage is a new feature at ONS 2018. A stage entirely dedicated to highlight exhibiting companies product launch, innovation or solution.

Decommissioning with active motion compensation technology
Ampelmann is actively supporting the decommissioning market and continuously developing new solutions to meet clients’ needs. Those solutions – the subject of this presentation – use Ampelmann’s motion-compensating hexapod technology and can be applied to various decom phases, from late life operations & shutting down to preparation for removal & heavy lift.

Presented by Vincent Thönissen & David Inman.

When | Tuesday 28th August 2018
Time | 11.30 - 11.55 hrs
Location | Exhibitor Stage venue in Exhibition Hall 4

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David Inman

Manager Sales & Business Development - Africa david.inman@ampelmann.nl +31 6 3197 5834 LinkedIn

Friso Talsma

Manager Sales & Business Development Europe Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind friso.talsma@ampelmann.nl +31 6 5277 8924 LinkedIn

Neil Marshall

Business Development Manager - Africa neil.marshall@ampelmann.nl +31 6 2972 3572 LinkedIn

Vincent Thönissen

Manager Fleet Improvement & Services vincent.thonissen@ampelmann.nl +31 6 5420 6739

Sander Zwanenburg

Business Development Director sander.zwanenburg@ampelmann.nl +31 6 2972 2358 LinkedIn