Sharing experiences of safe operating Walk to Work in Qatar

February 22, 2018

Highlighting safety and high operational efficiency offshore using marine access

On the 21st of February, Ampelmann hosted the inaugural Walk to Work event in Doha, Qatar at the Hilton hotel. The event bought together around 40 key delegates from across the oil & gas industry, with external speakers from national and international oil & gas companies.

The goal of the event was to share experiences of operators in Qatar who have used (or using) Ampelmann gangways. Highlighting safety and high operational efficiency offshore using marine access, created a platform for interaction at the event. Speakers from Dolphin Energy Limited, North Oil Company, Qatar Shell GTL Limited and Caspian Marine Services held collaborating sessions with the audience. Ampelmann Country Manager and regional Sales Manager, Jayne Moran opened this exciting event and CFO Marcel Luijten, visiting from headquarters in the Netherlands, talked about the 10 years of Ampelmann.

Ampelmann Project Manager, Tim Mulders, based in Qatar facilitated a workshop about ‘The Importance of Vessel Selection’ which was well received by the audience.

"The opportunity to share experiences and learnings with contractors and other operators is hugely beneficially to NOC. Thank you to Ampelmann for providing this forum."

- Douglas D Sutherland | Marine Services Supervisor – Logistics | North Oil Company

The event was attended by both national and international energy companies, vessel owners and industry peers.  A great success which Country Manager, Jayne Moran confirmed will be held annually going forward. These events are held globally and further events will be planned this year – keep up to date with our website.                      

Jayne Moran

Area Manager Middle East
+974 3048 2404