Shell and Ampelmann celebrate 100,000 safe transfers in 6 months

November 14, 2016

Press release

Ampelmann recently celebrated achieving 100,000 safe transfers for Sarawak Shell Berhad in Malaysia. The provision of an A-type, a fully motion compensated access system, is part of a contract that is expected to run until May 2018. Ampelmann has extensive experience with Shell globally and this latest landmark demonstrates the adaptability of the underlying technology to different working environments around the world.

Speaking after the numbers on the 6 month campaign were released, Pichay Rajaretnam, Maintenance Execution Manager of SSB highlighted “The Ampelmann engagement on our vessel shows that we care about our people. The system allows for safer and more efficient offshore personnel transfer. Implementing this technology clearly demonstrates company’s commitment in HSSE in this low oil price environment and get the benefit of improved productivity.”

After congratulating the operations personnel involved in the latest campaign, Sander Zwanenburg, Senior Commercial Manager,  responded by saying “We are delighted that Shell has given us this opportunity to demonstrate the HSE advantages that our system clearly offers. To safely transfer an average of over 800 people daily is a statistic we are very proud of. Ampelmann is committed to working with customers like Shell across Asia to ensure safe working environments for their operational personnel, both outside and during the monsoon season.”

Sander Zwanenburg

Business Development Director
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