Statoil chooses Ampelmann as one of the Heavy Offshore Maintenance Challenge winners

June 09, 2017

Press release

Statoil has chosen Ampelmann as one of the three winners of the innovation challenge on heavy maintenance of offshore wind turbines.

In March 2017, Statoil invited proposals for equipment and procedures to facilitate efficient heavy maintenance operations on floating and far offshore wind turbines without the use of jack-up vessels or large floating crane vessels. Statoil received a total of 48 proposal and three winners were announced this week. The three selected companies are: Ampelmann, AXTech and Lagerwey. The three companies will each receive a prize of NOK 100,000 and will start discussions with Statoil for possible further maturation of their ideas.

Ampelmann proposal
The Ampelmann E-type hexapod is used to compensate relative motions. By using a special gripper on a gangway, a stable connection is made. Once connected, a robot moves over the gangway towards the tower and hoists itself up towards the nacelle. The robot is equipped with both a small crane, as well as a blade-handling jig. Payloads are then lowered with the robot along the tower, where the load can be collected.

Ampelmann designs and delivers innovative, safe, reliable and efficient transfer solutions to the offshore energy industries globally. A great example of Ampelmann working in close cooperation with industry key players to incorporate new technologies in future designs to optimize offshore operations. 

We thank Statoil for choosing us as one of the winners of Statoil’s innovation challenge on heavy maintenance of offshore wind turbines. Our team is looking forward to further support Statoil in improving and expanding their future businesses.