Well-Intervention: Ampelmann scores first contract in Malaysia

May 29, 2017

Press release

Ampelmann has won a contract with Halliburton in Malaysia. This marks the first contract for Ampelmann to provide access solutions during Well-Intervention activities in Malaysia.

Ampelmann mobilised the A-type onto a DP-3 multi-purpose vessel as part of the IWIV concept (Integrated Well-Intervention Vessel). All Well-Intervention equipment is based on the vessel itself. This allows Well-intervention on smaller platforms that were previously not able to take the added weight of the Well-Intervention equipment. Furthermore, it allows quicker setup and retrieval time and less lifting activities.

With the inclusion of the Ampelmann A-type system, the crew will be able to frequently transfer back and forth to the platform quickly and safely in varying weather conditions. Well-Intervention can now continue, even through monsoon, without Waiting on Weather (WoW) delay and with maximised safety for the work crew. This greatly enhances platform productivity throughout the year and benefits to the end client.

"We are delighted to be able to support Halliburton and Petronas with this first-of-a-kind integrated Well-Intervention solution. We look forward to a safe and fast turnaround and trust this success will trigger many more Well-Intervention projects in Malaysia."

- Sander Zwanenburg, Area Manager Commercial
Sander Zwanenburg

Business Development Director

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