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Safe offshore access for people and cargo is a major challenge in our industry. At Ampelmann, our vision is to make offshore access as easy as crossing the street. Ampelmann provides full service and tailored solutions to make your offshore operations safer and more efficient, by offering smart motion compensating systems.

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Bad weather conditions can make it challenging to get onto or off a platform or wind turbine. Thereby, every offshore asset poses its own challenges. By creating direct access for your people and cargo, the amount of personnel on board can be increased, thereby optimizing the logistics flow of your offshore projects. The Ampelmann solutions ultimately extends your weather window, saves you valuable time and gives clear economic benefits. No matter what your offshore challenge is, we provide you a safe and cost-effective solution.


  • Increase Tooltime
  • Maximize persons on platforms
  • Decrease waiting on weather days
  • Increase workability up to 4.5m significant wave height (Hs)
  • Plug and play: stand-alone systems which can be mobilized within 8 hours
  • No modifications to offshore construction are required
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Shorten your project 3 to 4 times
Work during winter and monsoon
24/7 operation and service


Safety is one of the biggest concerns for people working in the energy industry. Ampelmann sets the standard in offshore safety, providing services for energy companies around the world that are second to none. Safety has been an integral part of our business since the beginning, firmly embedded in every aspect of our company’s operations, culture and system design. No matter what your offshore challenge is, we guarantee you that every transfer is conducted safely by a trained and certified operator.

  • Hazid and safety meetings
  • Highest focus on safety throughout the company/culture
  • Educated, trained and certified operators
  • Lloyd's certified system design
  • Safer transfers due to full active compensation (6 degrees of freedom), compared to other systems using passive compensation (3 degrees of freedom)

    6 degrees of freedom vs 3 degrees of freedom


With more than 6 million successful transfers to date and with a 99+% technical uptime, we provide reliable offshore access solutions. We execute our strong focus on safety and ensure you get full support across the entire lifecycle of your project. No matter what your offshore challenge is, we make sure you can focus on what you do best.

  • Reliable project planning
  • Proven track record with over 6 million safe personnel transfers
  • 99+% technical uptime



Before we create a deployment plan, we fully analyze the intrinsic details of your requirements. We’ll work closely with you and listen to your project needs. With your vital feedback we continually improve our products and develop new concepts. This way you get the answer that’s tailored to your requirements. Our team of engineers and experts is able to provide a dedicated service throughout the entire project. Our Operations Control Center is on hand whenever you need them, continuously monitoring each and every project. No matter what your offshore challenge is, you’re getting full support across the entire lifecycle of your project.

  • Always access to back up system
  • Operations Control Center providing 24/7 service support


Our Operations Control Center monitors each project to ensure continuous system performance.

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