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Offshore Wind made safe & easy

Ampelmann’s solutions are designed with our clients in mind, ensuring fast and easy mobilisation, efficient operations and service throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. With innovation at the core of its products, Ampelmann has developed the E1000, which is a unique system in the market that can safely transfer both people and cargo, with a change between people and cargo transfer mode with a press of a button.


Have you thought about keeping your operations running in the coming months? Ampelmann can help. We have three vessels with a pre-mobilised Ampelmann A- or E-type W2W system readily available in Europe for Wind and Oil & Gas campaigns. The vessels have variable landing possibilities and capacity between 75 and 100 PAX. Choose the one that is most suited for your project.

Need more details? Go to this page or contact our BD manager Jaap Lelieveld for the specifications.

Fully motion compensated cargo transfers up to 1 ton
Fastest connection time in the industry
98% technical availability through 24/7 support


With our fleet of over 60 operational systems, we can mobilise quickly and provide safe offshore access even in remote areas. We have developed specific systems for personnel transfers (A-type, E-type and the AEP) as well as for transferring loads – both small and large (A400, E1000 and E5000).

Offshore Wind projects

  • Ampelmann A-type Wind Esvagt
  • Ampelmann A-type Wind
  • Ampelmann E1000 Wind
  • Ampelmann Wind EMEA E1000 2018
  • Minimising ‘waiting on weather’

    The A-type provided a safe means of transferring personnel from the vessel to the platform and back, significantly decreasing 'waiting on weather' downtime. Read about the project here.

  • Grouting project

    By utilising the A-type system, Ampelmann enabled the safe and efficient offshore transfer of personnel and a 400kg grout hose to the wind turbine transition piece. Read about the project here.

  • The market solution for people and cargo transfers

    Some of the necessary equipment during commissioning campaigns often weighs hundreds of kilograms. With the E1000 system, clients have been able to transfer personnel as well as loads in a safe and cost-efficient manner.

  • Increased weather window during installation

    Speed of operation is essential to reduce costs during the installation of offshore wind turbines. With the help of the Ampelmann A-type, multiple clients have been able to increase the weather window of their operations.

"With Ampelmann, we have experienced a very reliable system and thus very little downtime for system and vessel operations. Obviously, this has a high value in our calculations and comparisons."


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