Offshore Wind

An increased demand for clean energy drives the offshore wind market forward, with new wind parks being built across the globe. The commissioning, installation and maintenance of these wind parks require safe and reliable means for offshore access. Ampelmann supports the growth of the offshore wind market and the work of its key stakeholders by providing the highest level of safety and efficiency in accessing platforms offshore.

Fully motion compensated cargo transfers up to 5t

Fully motion compensated lifting of up to 900t

Fastest connection time in the industry

98% technical availability through 24/7 support

With its years-long track record in the industry and a fleet of over 65 systems, Ampelmann can support a wide range of operations – from the commissioning and development of offshore wind farms, to maintenance.

Our core technology and experience in motion compensation enable the safe and efficient transfer of both personnel and cargo, even in high sea states.

Wind feeder vessels

With the Atlas 900, Ampelmann brings motion compensated lifting to wind feeder vessels. The system is able to lift cargo up to 900 tonnes while compensating for the movements of the vessel in sea states up to 3m Hs. With its high workability, it enables year-round operations.

The system is currently being integrated into the concept design of a wind feeder vessel by independent ship design company C-Job Naval Architects. Together, the two partners have created a viable solution in response to the need to support the construction and logistics of offshore wind farms in the United States under the Jones Act. Read more about it in our joint press release.

Floating offshore wind

Ampelmann also has experience in floating offshore wind access operations. With several projects completed in the past, the company has worked in sea states above 3m Hs and has helped transfer around 1,000 personnel and over 17,000kg of cargo to floating wind farms.

Floating offshore wind is growing in prominence as it offers new possibilities for companies to harvest green energy. First commercial projects are expected to start in 2022 and the global potential of floating wind is to have 20 – 30 GW of installed capacity by 2030.

Ampelmann's hexapod technology is perfectly suited to compensate for the motions of two moving objects on the open sea. With safe and efficient access floating offshore wind has even more room to grow.

Integrated W2W system for SOVs

The growth in offshore wind leads to an increased demand for Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) and these, too, require safe and efficient offshore access. Close to 30 SOVs will be built in the next 10 years and each of them will be looking to leverage the right W2W solution.

With its new W-type system, Ampelmann is ready to cater to the specific needs of offshore wind operators - from high operational efficiency to safe working at varying heights.

"With Ampelmann, we have experienced a very reliable system and thus very little downtime for system and vessel operations. Obviously, this has a high value in our calculations and comparisons."

- Ampelmann Client

From cargo to personnel transfer in a minute

With innovation at the core of its products, Ampelmann continues to develop solutions to answer to the specific needs of clients in the industry. The needs of the offshore wind industry have led Ampelmann to develop the E1000, E5000 and W-type, systems that transfer both personnel and cargo and can switch between these modes in less than a minute and with just the push of a button.

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