Oil & Gas

Ampelmann offers a wide range of motion compensation gangway systems to make platform operations in the Oil & Gas industry easier, safer and more efficient. This is particularly important for projects that require supporting vessels for accommodation, maintenance, or construction activities. Ampelmann also provides full service throughout each project so clients can focus fully on their core tasks.

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With our fleet of active motion compensated gangway systems, we can mobilise quickly and provide safe offshore access even in remote areas. Our systems are able to transfer personnel in calmer waters (L-type) as well as higher sea states (AEP, A- and E-type) and extreme cold weather conditions (N-type). Clients often opt for the slideway as an add-on, too, as it allows for the continuous transfer of personnel. For the transfer of delicate cargo we have another specialised system, the Atlas.

"Utilising Ampelmann as one of our continuous business improvement initiatives has met our business and safety objectives."

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