Maintenance in below-freezing temperatures


Ampelmann enabled year-round offshore operations in extreme cold weather

Oil & Gas



10 years


Our client needed a winterised version of a motion compensating gangway system in order to continue operations on its Oil & Gas platforms during the extreme cold winter season.


In close collaboration with the client and over 50 suppliers, Ampelmann developed the N-type Icemann. The system is fully operational down to -28°C and has enabled the client to operate year-round despite the extreme cold weather.

"When we first approached Ampelmann with the idea to design us a winter version of a heave compensated gangway, very few people believed that it would be ever achievable. Now we can feel the difference it brought to us: year-round operations, higher efficiency, higher redundancy and safety!"

- Sergey Komarov, Sakhalin Energy Shore Base Marine Manager
Joeri Poelmann

Director Business Development
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