Transfer at heights with the Ampelmann SOV system


A purpose-built SOV requires a purpose-built W2W system

With more wind farms to be developed in the coming years, especially in the North Sea, safe and efficient offshore access will be crucial. Close to 30 Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) will be built in the next 10 years and each of them will be looking to leverage the right W2W solution.

With its new SOV system, Ampelmann is ready to cater to the specific needs of offshore wind operators - from high operational efficiency to safe working at varying heights.

Ampelmann Offshore Wind SOV system 2020

Walk to Work meets the SOV market

Ampelmann is developing its SOV system based on years of experience in the Walk to Work industry, a strong track record and a commitment to providing excellent service to its clients.

The new system is designed to serve the exact needs of the SOV market. With a wider, height adjustable gangway and the ability to transform into a crane, the system enables the efficient transfer of both personnel and cargo. It is fully electric, too, minimising the carbon footprint of offshore operations. Other benefits of this newly-designed system include:


Electric gangway with height adjustability of more than 10m makes personnel transfers safe and easy


Two gangway designs, 28m and 32m in length, optimised for trolley operations up to 400kg and capable of hoisting cargo up to 2t in crane mode


Optimised to operate the gangway over both sides of the vessel


System is fully integrated in the vessel and has a small footprint


Interview: Ampelmann sets new course with SOV access system

"Offshore access specialist Ampelmann has unveiled a new walk-to-work system developed for the fast-growing service operation vessel (SOV) market," writes David Foxwell from Riviera Maritime Media.

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“It is all about meeting the needs of people, the windfarm technicians on the vessel, and about efficient people and cargo flow, from the vessel onto the turbine."


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