‘Growing Ampelmann means growing you’


How do you become better at what you already do well? How do you embrace your strengths, and how do you bring them to the next level? Those are only few of the many questions that Ampelmann employees strive to answer for themselves.

Within the company, personal development is not just any buzzword, but rather something that employees across borders and offices embrace. And work hard on, too.

“Personal development is something that we strongly advocate for at Ampelmann,” says Mariska van IJzerloo. As Director People & Organisation (P&O), she knows the importance of bringing the best out of people. “Our employees are in the driver’s seat of their personal development and with the help of their manager, they get to decide just how to make that happen.”

There are three key elements that make Ampelmann’s focus on personal development so strong. The Ampelmann Academy is the place to go for a wide range of courses that any employee can follow to boost both their personal and professional development. In addition, employees have the opportunity to request a personal budget to spend on a learning activity of their choice.

And then, of course, there’s the Ampelmann Summer School, an event that runs for three weeks every year and aims to bring the professional as well as personal skills of employees to the next level.

Among the sessions are inspirational speeches and presentations, health and vitality workshops, leadership development sessions, and specialist trainings. There is a variety of activities that everyone can choose from based on their interests and aspirations.

“We believe that the growth of Ampelmann and the growth of our people are the same thing. They are two sides of the same coin,” says Mariska. “Growing Ampelmann means growing you.”