HSE Week at Ampelmann: A week dedicated to personal and company growth

October 15, 2020

The beginning of October marked the time for Ampelmann’s annual Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Week. Every year, Ampelmann dedicates a week to further increase the awareness on the topics of Health, Safety and the Environment, with employees from all offices engaging in activities to promote them.

This month, all activities were held with regard to COVID-19 regulations. They took place in- as well as outdoors and included outdoor running, yoga and meditation, visiting local national parks, plastic fishing, building office equipment from sustainable materials and more. The participation of colleagues from all offices made HSE Week 2020 an important event for the company.

“I’m very happy to have hosted another edition of HSE Week. With everything that is going on, extra attention to our own health and safety is very welcome. In addition, we were able to accommodate a lot of interaction among colleagues despite the distance we have to keep,” said Krissi Silianova, HSE Engineer at Ampelmann and part of the organising team.

Mindfulness at work

Every individual’s wellbeing is important, and health always comes first. To help maintain a healthy balance in work life, Ampelmann employees joined in on activities focused on physical as well as mental wellbeing. One of them was a seminar that introduced participants on the concept of ‘Blue Zones’, where they learned more about how to continuously maintain and improve a healthy lifestyle.

In the meantime, a mindfulness session was well attended online, and one participant described their experience as “the most peaceful 45 minutes I have had in a very busy day”.

A culture of saying ‘Thank you’

Safety is one of the core values of Ampelmann and is addressed throughout the year, just like the other topics of HSE. But the approach to the topic of safety was a little more unique during this edition.

At Ampelmann, notifying colleagues of unsafe situations is part of every workday. But sometimes people might feel uncomfortable pointing out an unsafe situation, as doing so can feel like acting aloof. To improve the perception around this topic, this year’s HSE Week focused on the importance of saying “Thank You”. By raising awareness of the topic, the company aims to encourage people to thank their colleagues, who warn them of or intervene in unsafe situations.

As a result, this act of gratitude aims to make people more comfortable to intervene. After all, preventing unsafe situations only shows the amount of care there is for each other’s safety.

Our direct environment

As a company, Ampelmann is working on providing more and more sustainable solutions for offshore projects. In the continuous effort of the company to come up with sustainable innovations, HSE Week can provide a spark of inspiration. Internal collaboration among different departments is often productive and can lead to new ideas, and this week-long allowed for just that.

Workshops and activities were held across different departments focussed on what we all can do to better care for our environment. “We started small, raising awareness for waste in our direct environment with a local clean-up project,” said Krissi. One of the activities during the week got employees to clean the canals of Delft while Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Being sustainable and healthy at the same time: now that’s a win-win.

Another day of the week was dedicated to creating a new data-driven tool that would help Ampelmann measure its impact on the environment. Colleagues from different teams came together in a hackathon format and joined their efforts to design just the right solution.

While Health, Safety and the Environment are topics that are addressed year-round Ampelmann, HSE Week is a celebration centred around them that brings employees together. Every year, it provides participants with new experiences, perspectives and ideas. These valuable resources lead to new opportunities helping Ampelmann raise the standards of HSE year-round.