HSE Week at Ampelmann: A week dedicated to our values

December 01, 2021

The value of safety is ingrained within all of Ampelmann. Employees have safety on the top of their minds during work, which in turn leads to high safety awareness outside of work hours. In other words, “safety is in Ampelmann’s DNA.” To celebrate this and raise awareness even further, the company organises a health, safety and environment week annually.

HSE Week 2021 was held at the end of October, with five days full of activities and learning opportunities. Employees from all over the world participated in fun and educational activities, both online and offline, that raised the awareness of health, safety, and the environment.

While all three topics were featured, this year’s event focused especially on safety.

Safety based on four pillars

In HSE Week, the strengthening of the safety principle was based on four pillars: teamwork, handover, personal and situational awareness, and organisation.

It kicked off with a presentation on effective communication. Good teamwork is crucial for a safe workplace and good teamwork starts with effective communication. Effective communication, especially when it concerns safety, requires openness from all parties involved. A culture and environment where everyone feels safe to speak up and address unsafe behaviour is of utmost importance. This is why Ampelmann is so strongly committed to the topic.

The second safety pillar, supplying handovers, also strengthens the capability to work together. Operators and other employees took part in a workshop with the goal to improve the quality of handovers. Accurate and reliable information on tasks and situations at hand help upkeep the level of safety when exchanging shifts.

Aside from presentations and workshops, there was also room for some fun and games. A ‘Tool Container game’ was an educational activity that taught the importance of personal and situational awareness, and revolved around the organisation and maintenance of tool containers. An asset important to keep in good condition.

Multiple focus points of the HSE week came together creatively in a fun ‘safety obstacle run’. The activity required both physical and mental performance as well as good teamwork. It was an opportunity for team leaders to learn and reflect on their behaviour and strategies. The experience was designed to confront each member of the team with the effective and less effective actions they undertook.

Resourceful towards sustainability

Aside from supporting the offshore wind industry and developing energy efficient and electric innovations, Ampelmann is continuously looking for more ways to take care of the environment. HSE Week gives another boost to environmental awareness and inspires colleagues to implement more environmental care in the company’s business.

On the topic of environment, an Ampelmann alumni, currently project manager at The Ocean Cleanup, gave a presentation on the work they do. A workshop by Renewi on waste and creating circularity gave participants insight on how to improve resource management. The presentation and workshop both dealt with the problem waste creates, but also on the opportunities to improve.

Inspiring each other

This annual event gives Ampelmann employees the opportunity to learn and be inspired on the topics of health, safety and the environment.

“The week uplifts my spirit every year,” says Krissi Silianova, HSE Engineer at Ampelmann and one of the organisers of HSE Week. “The opportunity to engage with colleagues from different departments, to work with them closely and give meaning and life to the important message of HSE week is incredibly inspiring.”

Participants have had similar satisfying and inspiring experiences that they shared with colleagues. Productive engagement between colleagues from different departments boosted the awareness on the importance of health, safety and the environment, and inspired colleagues to continue to raise the standard.

Krissi Silianova

HSE Engineer