Ivar Boom, Manager Digital: ‘We are using the latest IT and data technologies to deliver the service our clients are looking for’

February 09, 2021

In business, there is always value to be added and processes to be improved. Ampelmann continuously strives to improve its products and services, and it takes the effort of everyone to get there. Ivar Boom, Manager Digital at Ampelmann, is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve operations and is ready to seize them.

Ivar is responsible for the digital strategy of Ampelmann and leads the company’s Digital Team. The Digital Team consists of four branches, IT & Cloud, Business (ERP), Digital Services and Data & Analytics. Altogether they take care of the digital needs of the company and supply digital services to clients.

A process of development and improvement

Ivar knows his way around the office, not only because he has been working for Ampelmann for almost eight years, but also because he has been part of several departments.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be part of three different departments – HSE, Operations and Innovations,” Ivar says. “I have always been able to talk openly with my managers to figure out where I’m most valuable and sometimes that meant taking up a new position.” Whenever that was the case, it always supplied Ivar with a new perspective and experiences, all of which have been a great motivation for him.

While Ivar’s role has changed over the years, his core objective at the company has been the same - to strive for technological excellence and use it to provide a more complete service to clients. He has contributed to these objectives in several ways, mainly by improving internal processes but also by setting up new initiatives that add value to the client service of Ampelmann.

Digital tools for Ampelmann and its clients

Recently, Ivar and his digital team launched several new services for Ampelmann’s clients as well as such that aid the company internally. One service includes virtual reality training for operators and another new valuable service is Ampelmann Insights. Ampelmann Insights provides clients with valuable data concerning their operations, the service incorporates a workability forecasting that aids them in their planning.

“Two years ago, we started collecting all the data from our gangway systems, and this year we launched Ampelmann Insights, a data-driven platform that provides our clients with a lot of crucial information.” Insights is a service where clients can track the status and efficiency of their offshore transfer operations.

“I’m very happy with our current team and the job we are doing,” Ivar says. Having had to transition to a work environment that is increasingly home-based due to COVID-19 has kept Ivar and his team busy.

“Overall, our transition from working at the office to working from home has been very smooth, not only for our team but for Ampelmann as a whole,” Ivar says. “This is mainly thanks to our IT team who had already implemented many remote working systems before working from home even became the norm.” With offices and employees all over the world, remote working systems are essential.

Collaboration, at the office and online

Although the transition to working from home has been a smooth one for Ivar and his team, he does miss the face-to-face contact at the office.

“I miss running into someone spontaneously, at the coffee corner for instance,” Ivar says. “It is a part of my job that I enjoy a lot – the interaction with my colleagues, sparring with them and coming up with new ideas together.” Ivar is still in regular contact with his team and they get the job done online. However, to him, the joy of working in a team is greater when they all work together at the office.

The amount of contact Ivar has with his colleagues remains extensive albeit online. The purpose of the moments of contact are very diverse. As the manager of the digital team, it is his responsibility that all branches of the Digital team work towards a common goal. He translates long-term goals into plans of action and makes sure the strategies align. And whenever he comes across an idea or initiative that can optimise internal processes or add value to the service of Ampelmann, he is keen to pick it up. Together with his colleagues, he would translate the idea into a concrete goal, find the right people for the job and guide them and the new initiative to a success.

Get to know Ivar

  • Ivar enjoys travelling and has backpacked for extended periods of time.
  • Ivar likes a culture shock and therefore tries to visit new and faraway places when possible. Due to COVID-19 Ivar currently tries to find similar experiences closer to home.
  • Ivar likes to be out in nature and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.