Making the connection between work on- and offshore

November 04, 2020

During the transfer of personnel with an Ampelmann system, the operator in charge has a large responsibility. The operator is a key factor in ensuring the safety of personnel while they walk to work offshore. One of these operators is Nigel Ross who has been with Ampelmann for four years and has enabled countless transfers.

During the transfer of personnel with an Ampelmann system, the operator in charge has a large responsibility. Their role is crucial in ensuring the safety of personnel as they Walk to Work offshore. One of these operators is Nigel Ross who has been with Ampelmann for four years now and has enabled quite a number of transfers.

Working all over the world

Safe and efficient transfer of personnel or cargo is an essential part of almost any offshore operation, and those take place all over the world. Travel is, thus, a key part of Nigel’s work. He visits new places and meets new people from other countries, which is something he really enjoys about his job. “What I find very rewarding about my job is seeing different parts of the world and learning about other cultures,” he says.

Of course, having to travel large distances can be tiring and planning these travels is often a challenge on its own. But Nigel is not alone, as his travel schedule is carefully planned at the Ampelmann office and that is only a part of the support he can count on.

Making Nigel’s work that much easier is Luna Coraij. She is crewing coordinator at Ampelmann and has been with the company for the last two and a half years. Offshore operators like Nigel rely on clear communication with their colleagues onshore, and the crewing department is the linking pin between operators and the rest of the organisation. This is the reason that, despite the distance, Luna and Nigel work closely together.

“As a crewing coordinator I am the first point of contact for operators,” Luna says. “They reach out to me for all kinds of reasons.” And because “offshore work has a big impact on one’s life, personal and work situations go hand in hand.” That is one of the reasons why Luna maintains contact with all operators on a personal level.

Work and support in times of COVID-19

Luna enjoys the diversity of her job, “the planning is very ad-hoc and dynamic,” she says. “A day at crewing never looks the same and my phone is always ringing”. This has been even more true during the current time of COVID-19. Travel limitations have made Luna look for solutions to the disrupted travel schedules that many operators have experienced.

This also includes Nigel, who got caught up by travel restrictions when borders closed due to COVID-19. “We were scheduled to return to Trinidad and Tobago after completing an operation when our flights got cancelled due to the borders closing. Luna jumped into action for us and figured out a way to get us home safely. For that, I’ll always hold Luna in high regard.”

In addition to the travel restrictions, COVID-19 regulations also have an impact on offshore work as they have complicated a lot of procedures. But they have also had an impact on operators their social and personal life.

The impact on the personal life of operators is especially significant when they are away from home. “We do our best to support our operators as well as possible during these extraordinary times, as that is also part of our job,” says Luna.

Acquiring new information and skills

Because operators and coordinators from the crewing department work closely together from a distance, it is important that they have a good relationship and know each other well. Nigel truly enjoys working with his colleagues from the crewing department. “They supply us with valuable information on projects and are always open to hear our feedback or recommendations. Luna and the other colleagues from crewing are always heart-warming, no matter the issue,” he says.

For Luna, who also helps operators with their career path and professional growth, there are more reasons to stay in touch with the operators. As she is involved in training programmes, recruitment and promotions for operators and guides them in their career, she highly values knowing operators on a personal level. By knowing the operators well Luna is better able to lend the support they need both in their professional development and in their work. 

Get to know Luna and Nigel even better and check out some lesser-known facts about them below.

Get to know Luna

  • On weekends, Luna likes to visit her hometown Nijmegen
  • Indonesia is one of Luna’s favourite places and she enjoys its kind and warm culture
  • When on holiday, Luna likes to go hiking

Get to know Nigel

  • Nigel’s girlfriend is from Mexico and together they like to visit Mexico City on holidays
  • In his free time Nigel likes to play video games: “I practice my dexterity on controllers, useful for controlling the Ampelmann systems,” he says with a wink
  • Nigel has a daughter and loves spending time with her