‘It is about bringing skills and knowledge to our offshore operators’


Pop Wijbenga has been working both on- and offshore for more than two decades now and knows all there is to know about operational excellence and safety on the job. But he doesn’t just stop there. Having worked for Ampelmann since back in 2011, Pop is always looking to learn more and pass his knowledge on to others.

While he started out as an Ampelmann operator, he has followed a journey of personal growth leading him to become an operator trainer/assessor. “The work as a trainer is wonderful, especially the constant learning process. It is quite an experience and it is impressive to observe the personal growth of your trainees.”

For Pop, it is crucial that everyone who works offshore, and especially the ones operating an Ampelmann system, is fully trained and certified before they start the job. That they are prepared to react appropriately in different situations and that they know the ins and outs of working safely offshore.

“The job of a trainer is an important one because we try to bring the knowledge and skills of our operators to the highest level by constantly working on their growth in the field of technology, procedure and safety.”

In Ampelmann’s mission to set the standard in safety and efficiency in the offshore access industry, the company is committed to providing an excellent service at all times, worldwide. Training offshore operators to become safety leaders is part of that service.

Pop on safety

“Safety is not something that stops. Thanks to our Golden and Silver rules at Ampelmann, we become more aware of all dangers and it is important as a trainer to clearly communicate this to others.”


Get to know Pop:

  • He is originally from Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands
  • Lives with his wife Kiona and his three kids in Leens
  • In his spare time, he spends time at his campsite and likes collecting old Mercedes cars