Tim Mulders, Business Developer at Ampelmann, on creating invaluable connections

October 05, 2021

Across the globe, Ampelmann works to improve the wellbeing of offshore workers by raising the standard of safety and efficiency in offshore access operations. Everywhere the company works this goal remains the same, but the way of working can vary from region to region. Cultural differences simply demand different approaches. Tim Mulders, Business Developer for Ampelmann in Dubai, makes sure to focus on local requirements of the offshore market in and around the Middle East.

In line with Arabic business culture and Ampelmann’s values, Tim develops and maintains close connections with customers. “Solid client relationships are important for doing good business,” he says. “Getting to know each other and building mutual trust are key components for a good client relationship.” Being close to clients is valuable for Tim and Ampelmann, as it helps to provide them with the most fitting solutions and pertinent service.

With an interest in people and culture, Tim is naturally fit for the job. He invests in getting to know potential clients and develops close relations. By understanding the needs of all stakeholders involved, he can deliver solutions that fit.

“It is a rewarding moment when a client puts their trust in us and we can provide the right system and enable a great operation,” Tim says. “We want to show our worth, prove the added value of our systems to our clients and continue to work with them in the future”. That is how Ampelmann can raise the standard of safety and efficiency in the industry across the globe.

A focus on understanding needs

Tim graduated in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Delft in 2015. While educated to solve problems on a technical level, he was drawn to dealing with the social aspects within his projects. In contrast to his peers, he often found himself focusing on the communication around the solution. This interest in understanding the wants and needs of all stakeholders within a project has shaped his path within Ampelmann.

Even before he graduated, Tim was already part of Ampelmann. Part of an internship in project management he learned the ropes quickly. By the time Tim graduated the company was looking for a Project Manager in Qatar. Open for an adventure abroad and with his previous experience Tim took the job joined the Ampelmann team in the Middle East.

The team in Qatar was small when he arrived in April 2016. Tim was the third member of the team back then which has now grown to a team of eight. In the small team Tim found himself playing a role in multiple aspects of operations in the region. This also included understanding and answering to the needs of different clients. These engagements inspired Tim and led him into a new role.

In 2018, Tim became Business Developer for the Middle East and has since been based in Dubai. “I enjoy dealing with the bigger picture,” he says. “My day-to-day activities as Business Developer are less tangible compared to what I did as project manager but are inspiring.” There is no clear approach on how best to develop contacts and raise awareness of the value of Ampelmann’s systems. It requires some creativity and can take some time, but in the end, it is a rewarding process for Tim.

Maintaining the connection

Close connections with potential clients are obviously more easily developed and maintained face to face. Due to corona regulations, these meetings have been more difficult to have. Luckily for Tim, the regulations allowed him to cross the border to Abu Dhabi by the second half of 2020. “I would plan these trips carefully, making efficient use of the time in Abu Dhabi and meeting with a lot of my clients at coffee places,” he says. “By then I was very happy I could meet up with them again.”

Being the only Ampelmann employee in Dubai, Tim has had an interesting perspective on the corona regulations. Unlike the relations he is able to maintain with clients, staying in contact with colleagues used to be a bigger challenge. However, this changed due to the pandemic. Remote working became the norm – something Tim had been doing since 2018. With more colleagues online and digital meetups becoming normal, it was suddenly a lot easier for him to stay connected with colleagues located elsewhere.

In a sense clients and colleagues are not that different to Tim. Remarkably, clients are closer to him ever since he moved to Dubai. With both, he nurtures an informal relationship while keeping business in mind. Well-connected and with an understanding of one another, they work towards the best solution for everyone.

And for Tim the relationships and connections he maintains lead to rewarding moments.

“It is such a joy to have a client call me up and ask for help and being able to provide the right solution for them,” he says. “Businesses in the region are recognising the added value of our systems.” His hard work is paying off and clients know to find him when they are looking for Walk to Work systems.

Get to know Tim

  • Tim likes to go cycling on one of the 50,70 or 90km long tracks outside of Dubai
  • Nurtures a palm tree in his home office
  • And enjoys dining in Dubai with his wife

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