What is it like working in IT at Ampelmann?


Working for a company with engineering at its heart, it is sometimes difficult to imagine what a non-engineering job might look like. A job in IT, for example.

With its innovative products and services, Ampelmann has been delivering safety and efficiency to the offshore industry for more than a decade now. But what people don’t always know is that behind all the steel and hydraulics, there is also a world of IT and software development.

“Having a strong and secure IT infrastructure is crucial for a global company like Ampelmann,” says Pascal Blom, Manager of the company’s IT department. “Our work offshore requires us to collect a lot of data, analyse and optimise it to make sure our systems are operating smoothly and safely. Data analytics, software development, Internet of Things technology and cloud computing are topics the company is focusing on to help our clients improve their operations.”

Over the years, Ampelmann has been using the latest and most innovative IT technologies to deliver the product and service quality that our clients expect.

To learn more about what keeps Ampelmann’s IT team busy, watch the video below!