Sustainability FAQs

How is Ampelmann tracking emissions?

We base the calculation of our emissions on the guidelines of the GHG protocol. All emissions are a product of our 'activity' multiplied by a ‘CO2eq emission factor’. We use CO2 equivalents as a unit to have a single objective measurement for all our GHG emissions. As a rule of thumb, the emissions included in our emission inventory are those that are a result of activities and operations over which Ampelmann has direct or indirect control. For example, emissions as a result of transporting our systems are included in the inventory.

Our emissions are divided in 3 scopes.

Scope 1. Direct CO2 emissions - Emissions from Ampelmann-owned or -controlled equipment

Scope 2. Indirect CO2 emissions - Emissions from purchased energy in our facilities

Scope 3. Other indirect CO2 emissions - Emissions in the value chain

How does Ampelmann offset emissions?

At the end of each year, Ampelmann reviews the emissions generated during that year and we then offset them through certified climate projects. The climate projects are recognised and monitored by Climate Neutral Group and meet the VCS and/or Gold standard.