Sustainable minds

Sustainable minds

Just like we are dedicated to safety, we are dedicated to sustainability, too. To further incorporate and achieve our sustainability goals, our Sustainability Team ensures that the topic remains on top of our minds. Contributions to becoming a sustainable company come from all levels of the organisation and so together, we encourage each other to have Sustainable Minds.

Sustainability is a collaborative effort

We believe that becoming sustainable as individuals, as much as a company, all begins with understanding the concept of sustainability and encouraging dialogue. One of the most important events in our organisation is the annual Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Week, which aims to raise extra awareness of sustainability in addition to the activities already in place. This includes information-sharing through newsletters and presentations, as well as employee initiatives. The themes that are presented on either platform relate both to Ampelmann’s core business and people’s personal lifestyles, values and beliefs.

We also make the link to our various processes, products, and services, leading to more sustainable innovations and services. It is important to create mutual commitment within Ampelmann and externally with all of our stakeholders. We have a responsibility to monitor and manage the life cycle of all products, from the source to the end-of-life material, to ensure that we properly and responsibly reduce, reuse and recycle. As a result, we reduce our environmental impact while we improve the circularity of products and services, becoming a sustainable leader in the offshore industry.

HSE Week at Ampelmann: A week dedicated to our values

HSE Week takes place at Ampelmann every year and focuses on one or more key values: health, safety and the environment. Have a look at how our 2021 edition went and what we all learned.

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