People & Cargo transfer

The A400 is the solution for transfer of personnel and cargo in sea states up to 3m Hs. This full motion compensated system is based on the proven A-type, but is equipped with a wider gangway (1.2m), increased load capacity and an elevator for the stepless flow from the vessel deck to the offshore structure.

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Compensations: 3.0m Hs
Cargo capacity: 400kg
Footprint: 6.3 x 7.2m
Weight: 42.5mt
Ampelmann A400 gangway system

Continuous people and cargo transfers

About the A400

With the 1.2-metre wide gangway, the A400 allows for a variety of trolleys to be used. The standard electric trolley can carry up to 400kg in Euro-sized units. Based on specific project needs, we provide tailor-made solutions for optimal logistics or for instance support possible medivacs. Feel free to contact our team for customised solutions.

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Base configuration
Certification System: Lloyd's certified. Sea fastening: DNV approved
Gangway length 23.5m
Power (E)HPU (20 ft) & tool container (20 ft)
Vessel requirements Larger than 55 m

Optimal logistical flow: Transfer of people and cargo up to 400kg


Stepless approach: Cargo transport by elevator


System mobilisation within 36 hours


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