Cargo Lifting

Atlas 900

Fully motion compensated lifting up to 900t

The offshore wind market is growing and there is a high demand for new wind parks in the US and globally. Building these requires careful planning, the right vessel for the job and a suitable offshore access system capable of safely lifting heavy components. The Atlas 900 is the solution for offshore lifting operations of large and heavy cargo.

Motion compensation up to 3m Hs

Cargo lifting up to 900t

Year-round operations

Jones Act compliant

Cargo lifting

Ampelmann's Atlas 900 is a fully motion compensated platform that can lift cargo of up to 900 tonnes. Its technology eliminates residual motions in sea states up to 3m Hs, which results in a high workability and enables efficient year-round operations.

System dimensions

Power requirement

2 x 1.6 MW @ 440V-60Hz


LR Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment


12.5 x 11.0m


2 x 20ft

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