People & Cargo transfer

The E100 is the offshore access solution for the safe transfer of people as well as loads up to 100kg in rough sea conditions.

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Compensation: 4.5m Hs
Cargo capacity: 100 kg
Footprint: 8.4 x 9.5m
Weight: 95mt or 105mt
Ampelmann E100 gangway

People & cargo transfers up to 100kg in rough sea waters

About the E100

For loads up to 100kg that need to be transferred in rough sea conditions, the E100 is the preferred solution. As a modification to the E-type, the system has a small basket at the end of the gangway allowing cargo to be transferred at greater heights safely and efficiently.

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Base configuration
Certification System: Lloyd's certified. Sea fastening: DNV approved
Gangway length 25m or 30m, telescoping stroke 7/6.5m
Power Two (E)HPUs (2 x 20 ft), tool container (20 ft) and hydraulics container (10 ft) included
Vessel requirements Larger than 70m

Plug and play: mobilized within 12 hours


No modifications to the platform needed


Vessel requirements: larger than 70m


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