Temporary Work Platform


Gain access to hard-to-reach places offshore

Preparatory work can often be time-consuming, costly and operationally challenging. To make this easier, Ampelmann has designed the Temporary Work Platform (TWP). It offers safe access and enables installation, inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) and decommissioning scopes to be delivered more efficiently.

Benefits of the TWP

  • Safe and easy access to hard-to-reach places
  • Immediate access to work location as soon as TWP is installed (<1h)
  • Improved hands-on tool time
  • Increased productivity leading to overall cost savings

"With Ampelmann's TWP, work on locations such as jacket legs will no longer require rope access or scaffolding."

Ampelmann Temporary Work Platform Render 2020

Key features of the TWP

  • The TWP creates a comfortable working space, accommodating up to 3 workers and additional equipment.
  • The motion compensated gangway system provides fully automated installation in less than one hour. Using innovative clamp-on fastening, there is no need to modify the structure.
  • The TWP can be detached as easily as it is installed and is therefore reusable.
  • Work scopes are delivered safely as if you were on a permanent deck, improving the comfort and efficiency of operations.

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To learn more about the benefits of the Temporary Work Platform for your operations, please contact Jaap Lelieveld.


Jaap Lelieveld

Business Development Manager Europe - Oil & Gas jaap.lelieveld@ampelmann.nl +31 6 1399 4401 LinkedIn