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Trained and certified

In our mission to set the standard in safety and efficiency in the offshore access industry, Ampelmann is committed to providing an excellent service at all times, worldwide. Training our operators to become safety leaders is part of that service. Every one of our projects is run by a certified operator, making sure the high safety standards set by Ampelmann are followed at all times. We go the extra mile in training our operators just the way we go the extra mile in enabling reliable operations.

‘It is about bringing skills and knowledge to our offshore operators’

Pop Wijbenga started out as an Ampelmann operator and has followed a journey of personal growth leading him to become an operator trainer/assessor. “The work as a trainer is wonderful, especially the constant learning process. It is quite an experience and it is impressive to observe the personal growth of your trainees.”

Read Pop's story here
Ampelmann has made it a priority to train all of their operators to the high safety standards in the industry. The training prepares operators for working in various conditions, making them ready to react to even the most difficult situations offshore.
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Eva van Soest

Manager Offshore Access Academy oaa@ampelmann.nl