Continuous access to your offshore assets. During monsoon, too.


Maintaining continuous operations during monsoon season often poses challenges for offshore operators in the Asia Pacific region. Strong winds, high waves and mostly unpredictable weather conditions can slow down or even put work on hold. This is especially the case when using conventional methods to transfer people to and from offshore structures.

Ampelmann helps address those challenges. With our full motion compensation technology and our proven Walk to Work (W2W) solutions, we bring waiting-on-weather days to a minimum, thus shortening the overall duration of projects and reducing costs. As a result, we maximise operational availability and safety for the offshore crew.

Are you facing a short-term, unplanned offshore maintenance campaign in the Asia Pacific region? Contact our Sales Department for more information on our pre-mobilised system availability.

Boosting operations by minimising 'waiting on weather'
Decreasing project duration and costs
Providing safe and efficient offshore access

No more waiting on weather. Even if it's monsoon season.

Highlighted project

  • Ampelmann A-type O&G Indonesia
  • Unplanned maintenance on an FPSO during monsoon

    The A-type was quickly mobilised to enable an unplanned maintenance campaign on an FPSO. The work took place during monsoon season, which often brings high waves and unpredictable weather conditions. The Ampelmann system was able to optimise operations by extending the weather window and compensating the vessel's motions in rough seas.

Local client

"By using Ampelmann for our hook-up and commissioning project during monsoon, we managed to bring forward our first production day by more than a month."


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