Ampelmann Insights

Optimise your W2W operations with the right data

Ampelmann Insights is the data-driven platform that gives a boost to your W2W operations. It provides timely, reliable and accurate data to help you make informed decisions, review performance and optimise your operations day by day. Ampelmann Insights was developed for all parties in the offshore access industry, who not only want to have insight into their W2W operations, but leverage it, too.

Timely, reliable and accurate data

Complete overview of your operations

Optimise your operations day by day

Plan better and more efficiently

With our Workability Forecast, we help predict how your W2W operation would evolve over the next 72 hours. We take into account sea and weather conditions, and make it easier to understand their influence on workability. With this feature, you can plan your work better and more efficiently, and take the necessary actions to increase uptime.

Day-to-day analysis

Our daily view is there to collect and display all the data you need in order to understand what has happened over the past 24 hours. Was the Ampelmann system in operation, what were the weather conditions, did the operators perform system checks? All this information is at your fingertips and ready for you to analyse.

Review your performance over time

Do you want to create a performance report to show to your team? Or is your client interested in the efficiency of your W2W operations over time? We’ve got you covered. With our year, month, week or day graphs, you can easily visualise your data.

Find edge case scenarios

You expect to have a high operability on your W2W projects. Nothing new there. Yet, the cases where working was not possible are the ones that need your utmost attention. We provide insight in these edge cases, so you can explore what happened: was there a downtime, was the weather too rough or was there a third factor? With Ampelmann Insights, you can know all that.

Full control of your W2W operations

With our project summary, you can have the complete overview of your operations right in front of you. Pull up the most KPIs and never miss a beat. You can monitor anything from transfers, safety reports, downtime, most recent waiting on weather records and performance over time.

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