People transfer: crew change

The S-type is the market solution for safe personnel transfers in crew change operations. The system is energy-efficient, designed for lightweight vessels and makes the continuous transfer of personnel to and from the offshore platform as easy as crossing the street.

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Compensation: 3m Hs on fast crew vessels
Footprint: 6.3 x 7.2m
Weight: 25mt
Gangway length: 26m
Ampelmann S-type system

Developed for fast crew vessels

The alternative to helicopters

The S-type is developed with lighweight, fast crew vessels in mind. The system is fully electric, thus very energy-efficient, and enables the continuous flow of personnel. It can transfer up to 50 people every five minutes. In cooperation with various stakeholders, Ampelmann ensures that the system is tailored to the needs of end clients and that it enables safe and efficient crew change operations.

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Base configuration
Certification System: Lloyd's certified
Gangway length 26m
Power 50kW with regeneration of energy

Weight of the system is only 25mt


Fully electric system


Energy efficient with only 50kW power requirement


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