Ampelmann has been creating ripples in the Walk to Work industry for over a decade, ensuring offshore workers can get to work safely every day. Our motion compensation gangway systems are available to clients across the global offshore energy markets.


Safe people, utility and cargo transfers are a prerequisite for just about any offshore operation, whether in Offshore Wind, Decommissioning or other markets. We can make that happen for you.

Platform operations

The O&G industry is one where regular transfers from support vessels to fixed and floating offshore structures is the norm. Ampelmann offers a wide range of motion compensation gangway systems to make such transfers easier and safer.

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Offshore Wind

Ampelmann’s portfolio allows for the safe and reliable transfer of people as well as cargo up to 1,000kg. Our tailor-made, fully motion compensated gangway solutions contribute to the high workability and cost efficiency of your projects and the increased safety of your operations.

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Regardless of your decommissioning challenge, Ampelmann ensures full service across the entire lifecycle of a project. Our portfolio allows for safe people, cargo and utility transfers from vessels to offshore structures and between vessels, and contributes to the cost efficiency of your projects.

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Crew Change

Ampelmann has developed solutions that fit the specific needs of fast and lightweight vessels, typically used to transport crews from shores to offshore structures and back. Our systems can help save up to 30% on logistics costs and make operations safer and more efficient.

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Ampelmann maintains a fleet of more than 60 operational systems used for transferring personnel and cargo from vessels to fixed or floating offshore structures. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of different market segments, sea states, crew and cargo loads, and are used by key players in the global industry.

Keep your operations up & running

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to keep your operations running in the coming months? Ampelmann can help. We have vessels with a pre-mobilised Ampelmann A- or E-type W2W system readily available for Wind and Oil & Gas campaigns. The vessels have variable landing possibilities and capacity between 48 and 155 PAX.

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