Leading offshore access into a sustainable future

Our sustainability vision

Safety is a core value of our industry – and so is the safety of our environment. We have, therefore, made it our mission to lead the offshore access industry into a sustainable future.

"The energy transition is a process without a specific milestone to mark its end. Maintaining a safe and sustainable environment requires continuous effort, also from us as a company. How do we lead in this endless game? We lead by example.

We set the standard for offshore safety and environmental awareness. By showing our clients what is possible, we can change people’s mindset regarding our environment and embrace the energy transition together."

Jan van der Tempel, CEO

5,128 mt CO2eq offset in 2021

45% electric powered systems

-90% power reduction

-30% weight reduction

Our sustainability mission

To maintain our leading position in the offshore access market, the Ampelmann mission statement is:

“Leading offshore access into a sustainable future.”

If we want to reach the goal of limiting global temperature increase to 1.5⁰C, then long-term goals are not enough as the window of opportunity is closing. That is why we focus on mid-term goals while achieving our short-term ones.

Carbon neutral

In 2020, we offset all our registered GHG emissions, making Ampelmann a net-zero company. We consider this a great start, but our goal is to go beyond carbon neutrality and work together with our suppliers, partners, and clients to reduce our emissions further and deliver carbon-free offshore access.

Building circularity

Responsible management of resources is part of the sustainable future we are working towards. To achieve this, we are closing the loops in our supply chain. Based on the principles Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle, we evaluate how materials and components can be re-utilised in our systems without wasting material value.

Sustainable minds

We believe that change is achieved when it starts from the hearts and minds of our people. We are committed to the environment and restoring it by educating our personnel and encouraging action from all levels in our organisation.

Sustainability takes the spotlight in the offshore industry

In a world that is more interconnected than ever before, the need for deriving and consuming energy in an efficient and sustainable manner is becoming crucial. The sustainable production of energy, in particular, is key to driving the transition forward and that has an impact on the future of the offshore industry. Companies like Ampelmann are at the forefront of that development.

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