Cargo: fully motion-compensated lifting platform

Simplify transfers of delicate assets such as lifeboats between vessels and offshore platforms. The Atlas makes lifting and hoisting at sea safe, easy and efficient.

Cargo capacity: 65t
Footprint: 8.4x9.5
Weight: 84t
Ampelmann Atlas Lifeboat

Safe and efficient

The Atlas enables heavy lifting operations of up to 65t. Unlike conventional cargo operations that are restricted by weather, it operates safely and efficiently in heavy sea states of up to 3.5m Hs. The payload remains fully stationary throughout. The Atlas can also be used where platform cranes cannot reach. Heavy payloads such as lifeboats can then be positioned directly below winches or davits.


  • Atlas 15t Ampelmann
  • Atlas 65t Ampelmann
  • Atlas 15

    Cargo capacity 15t
    Footprint 6.3x7.3
    Weight 22.7t
    Hs 2.5 m
    Certification System: Lloyd's certified. Sea fastening: DNV approved
    Power (E)HPU (20 ft) & tool container (20 ft)
    Vessel requirement 55m

  • Atlas 65

    Cargo capacity 65t
    Footprint 8.4x9.5
    Weight 69t
    Hs 3.5 m
    Certification System: Lloyd's certified. Sea fastening: DNV approved
    Power Two (E)HPUs (2x20ft), tool container (20ft) and hydraulics container (10ft) included
    Vessel requirements 70m


Significantly increase weather windows and continuity


Simplified and safer marine hoisting


Mobilisation within 24 hours


New lifeboat safety regulations

Currently, many lifeboats on fixed oil and gas installations and floating platforms are inaccessible by in-situ cranes, meaning that lifeboats are lowered in the sea, navigated to a vessel and lifted by crane onto the ship’s deck. This traditional ‘wet’ transfer can only be carried out in near-perfect weather and sea conditions and can lead to significant vessel downtime and risk to personnel performing the transfer operation. In addition to this, it puts the allowable POB limit at risk.

The oil and gas industry has just 18 months to upgrade critical release hook systems on offshore lifeboats to meet new regulations imposed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to improve safety at sea. Lifeboat release and retrieval systems must be evaluated and replaced no later than 1 July 2019.

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